Virgin Money: Improvements to our lending criteria

Virgin Money have improved their lending policy to give customers more choice and greater access to their mortgages. Today, they have:

  • Increased their new-build maximum LTVs
  • Simplified their bonus policy
  • Increased the maximum term at 95% LTV

New-build LTV increases

Virgin have increased their maximum residential LTVs to 90% for new-build houses and 80% for new-build flats.

For Shared Ownership, we can still lend up to 95% of the share of the property being purchased, including on new builds.

For LTVs up to 85%, we’ll accept builder’s cash incentives of up to 5% without impacting the loan. Where the LTV is greater than 85%, cash incentives must be deducted from the purchase price.


Simplified bonus calculation

Affordability calculations using annual, six-monthly or quarterly bonus payments for employed applicants are now based on the latest year’s bonus, at a rate of 60%.

Virgin no longer require a bonus to have been received after 2 December 2020, and we only need to use a two-year average (or more recent year if lower) where the variable pay exceeds basic income.


Maximum term is now 35 years

We’ve increased our maximum term at 95% LTV to 35 years, which means the maximum term for all of our mortgages is now 35 years.

You can find full details of the lending criteria on the Virgin Money website. If you’ve got any questions, you can get in touch with your Business Development Manager or dedicated Regional Service Team.