Coventry for intermediaries reduces selected rates to help support your Residential and BTL clients

Coventry for intermediaries have reduced selected residential fixed rates and all BTL fixed rates, including those for portfolio landlords. They've also extended end dates across the entire residential and Buy to Let range.

These changes offer options for your clients who are looking to purchase or remortgage, as well as those ready to product transfer. For those looking to remortgage, there are also incentives such as, the Remortgage Transfer Service or cashback available on specified products. And in support of first time buyers the range includes FTB tailored products with an added bonus of £500 cashback.

Jonathan Stinton, Head of Intermediary Relationships at Coventry Building Society, said: “Brokers are essential for future homeowners who are keen to step onto the property ladder, and existing homeowners looking to secure their next deal, as well as for landlords. Our latest reductions are also designed to support brokers, by providing more options for their clients with great value.”