As a Club Member, you have the ability to secure free mortgage sourcing software.

All new MortgageBrain Classic comes free when you complete three or more cases per month through the SimplyBiz Mortgage Club payment route (this is calculated over a quarterly period to receive the following quarter period free).

MortgageBrain features a wealth of new functions, most of which are unavailable elsewhere in the market

  • Multiple sourcing by client
  • 90% of sourcing from a single screen
  • Whole of market
  • Excluded products and reasons why
  • Client specific Best Buy Tables
  • Save favourite searches
  • Guaranteed mortgage product details

Back Office Systems

360 Lifecycle
The tools in 360 Lifecycle provide significant savings on the costs of running businesses, better client retention, improved case completion ratios and more productive advisers saving valuable hours of the working day thus ultimately delivering increased revenue.

360 Lifecycle offers a client-facing fact find and a secure Client Portal which helps you save further time and improve your client relationships. Your clients can enter hard facts into the client-facing fact find at a time when it is convenient for them and have the confidence to send this, as well as documents, securely to your business.

360 Lifecycle is fully integrated with the latest version of MortgageBrain, providing you with further efficiencies in your mortgage process. 

For every 18 qualifying completions that are received via SimplyBiz Mortgages in a calendar quarter, we will cover the costs of one 360 Lifecycle licence for the following quarter.

The Key
The Key system can be accessed free, subject to six completed mortgage cases per month, where cases are completed through the SimplyBiz Mortgages payment route.

The Key is now the fastest growing point of sale and CRM system used by Mortgage Brokers, with over 5,000 contract users – and it is still growing.

The Key is fully integrated with the all-new MortgageBrain and this means that you have more control and access to all the information you need to manage your business more efficiently from end-to-end.