On joining, Club Members are allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will assist with mortgage placement, criteria and complex case queries. Our Mortgage Helpdesk is available during working hours, five days per week, with the option to call or email, dependent upon the urgency of your enquiry and response needed.

Members also recieve access to our MIP (Mortgages, Insurance, Protection) Team who offer specialist placement and development support in these vital areas.

Under General Insurance and Protection, you will again have access to a specific helpdesk which will assist you in finding the right provider and product, to satisfy your client’s requirements.

The SimplyBiz Mortgages website provides around the clock access to:

  • All lender/provider contact details
  • All rate information including exclusive and semi exclusive rates.
  • Ancillary and specialist mortgage solutions
  • Procuration fees
  • Criteria, which lets you identify quickly what will be required in order for your case to proceed
  • Simply Speed2offer, a section that identifies the processes required by lenders to get your mortgage applications placed quickly efficiently and accurately.
  • Online specialist guides full of tips and hints on a variety of topics
  • Market, economic and industry information
  • Marketing support, including client newsletters and stationery
  • Company websites - with compliance checked content