Credit check change latest improvement to Leeds underwriting

Soft credit checks for Decisions in Principle are the latest service improvement introduced by Leeds Building Society.

A Society check on an applicant’s credit report at DIP stage will no longer leave a hard footprint.

“We’ve made this change to ensure a customer’s credit ratings aren’t affected during the early stages of their application,” said Martese Carton, Leeds Building Society’s Head of Intermediary Distribution.

“An applicant can see a search if they request their credit file but our check can’t be seen by other financial services providers and it won’t affect a customer’s ability to get credit elsewhere.”

The change was made in response to broker and borrower feedback, and follows other improvements including the recent launch of better tools to calculate lending affordability and monthly repayments.

The improved affordability calculator gives a more accurate borrowing range and covers more types of lending, including Buy to Let, second properties and to self-employed borrowers.

When a full application is submitted a full credit check will be made, which will be visible on the customer’s file to other financial institutions. The DIP is valid for 90 days.