Clydesdale Bank welcomes all Directly Authorised brokers

Clydesdale Bank has great news for all Directly Authorised brokers as they are now able to accept applications through mortgage clubs. That means all Directly Authorised brokers now have the opportunity to submit cases to them.

Let’s do business

If you’re already registered with Clydesdale Bank:

Clydesdale Bank have been in touch with your firm Principal to confirm your nominated mortgage club. This arrangement should now be in place and you are ready to submit cases to Clydesdale Bank through the mortgage club.

If you’re not yet registered with Clydesdale Bank:

To get set up, you’ll need to be registered with Virgin Money first. You can do that at Once registered, simply email with your contact details and your FCA firm details and they’ll add you to Clydesdale Bank’s panel too.

Just so you know, Clydesdale Bank registration is managed at firm level, meaning the firm’s nominated mortgage club is applied to all the brokers within the firm.

Access to flexible underwriting and tailored decisions

As a Clydesdale Bank registered intermediary, you’ll have access to:

Underwriting that’s flexible

They don’t see customers as numbers. They understand customers are individuals with their own set of circumstances. That’s why they have a flexible approach to underwriting complex cases, with the ability to judge each case on its merits.

A broad lending policy and plenty of products

Great for interest-only, large loans and self-employed, catering for a wide range of customer circumstances.

Smarter, slicker service

They’ve transformed how they process your applications and now underwrite your fully packaged applications upfront, giving you quicker decisions you can rely on.

Help is at hand

Clydesdale Bank are very excited about the opportunity to help even more of your customers get the mortgage they need. If you have any questions you can email or get in touch with your Business Development Manager who will do everything they can to help.