Simply Later Life Lending

Supporting the provision of service and advice through access to products, compliance, professional services and personal development in this highly defined area, to allow advisers to help you help more of your clients achieve their plans in later life.

The Simply Later Life proposition, created and built using the specialist experience, knowledge, and skills of both SimplyBiz and Air, offers market leading support for firms which are already operating in the later life market, those considering entering this business area and those who outsource their equity release cases.

The ability to release equity in a property has been with us for many years, however, the broader area of lending into later life is a relatively new concept, which for many can offer a perfect solution for future plans. Its uses are many and often highly individual to each of your clients.

Members have significant support available to support them in meeting the varied requirements of their clients, whether through equity release, retirement interest only or just extended lending parameters. Members even have the option to refer their client to one of our specialist referral partners.

Through our unique partnership with The Key Group, Members have direct access to the advanced technology provided by the Air Sourcing platform, the Air Academy and to marketing materials to your support your advice in this area.

Product Sourcing

Air Sourcing is the most sophisticated later life lending sourcing platform. With fully live rates, API integrations to the biggest lenders in the market and an exclusive integration to criteria search giant Knowledge Bank, you can be confident you will be giving the best advice to your clients.


You can develop your knowledge and skills here through the Air Academy training programme which is fully accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance. Work through 7 modules at your own pace to achieve Professional status.

Equity Release Lenders

SimplyBiz Mortgages works with the biggest and best lenders in the market to create this equity release proposition. We believe that the products provided by the lenders offer flexibility and variety which will cater to your clients' needs in this fast growing business area.

Later Life Lenders

Later life lending can be suitable for many uses. Usually these mortgages are traditional mortgage lending where the financial institution permits a longer lending term. The lenders in this area are keen to support advisers with clients looking to borrow additional funds.


Retirement interest-only mortgage solutions are similar to standard interest-only mortgages where the difference is in the fact that the loan amount is usually paid down when the borrower’s property is sold due to death or having moved into long-term care. The lenders in this area currently offer this specific product type.

Referral Partners

If you don't hold the relevant permissions to conduct equity release business, or just prefer to concentrate on other areas of specialism within your firm, these companies are able to take on cases from your clients in this area.  

Compliance Documents

To undertake equity release business, there are specific regulatory requirements to which you need to adhere.

In this section, we have pulled together the key documents to help support you when dealing with clients and we would also suggest that you visit the vulnerability hub in order to ensure you meet requirements in that area also.

Professional Partners

There are a number of important elements in any property transaction, particularly equity release, where experience and knowledge is paramount.


This area will give you access to valuable information to support your understanding of the variety of products available to your older clients looking for solutions in later life lending.

Vulnerability Hub

Our Vulnerability Hub brings together information and resources on every aspect, from support with policy and procedures to tackling challenging conversations with clients.

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