We're joining Aldermore's Jon Cooper and David Gillick for a talk about Mental Health

On Friday, we are joining a webinar hosted by Aldermore’s Jon Cooper, and this is your invite to join us.  We’re going to be chatting about mental health with ex-Olympian and World Champion in track and field, David Gillick.  We’ll be covering a whole range of mental health topics, including tips on managing stress, to help you find your happy place.

David’s had a really interesting career with lots of highs, but also some lows.   After his athletics career ended he went on to win Celebrity Masterchef but then suffered quite badly with his mental health.  He now talks about what he went through and what coping mechanisms he put in place which he’ll share with us.  He’ll also chat about how we can use these techniques to help us at this challenging time.

If you’d like to join, you can register by clicking here and then the ‘register’ button at the bottom of the page.