New dedicated broker support line to help customer applications benefit from stamp duty holiday extensions from NatWest

Do you have customers looking to complete before the extended stamp duty holiday deadline? At NatWest Intermediary Solutions we’re doing all we can to help.

We have opened a new dedicated support line exclusively for brokers, to help answer your queries relating to applications that need to be completed in time to benefit from the stamp duty holiday.

The number to call us on is: 0345 600 0205, selecting option 2.  Lines are open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please ensure you have your Customer name and Account Number, or Postcode and first line of address to hand when calling us.  Our agents will also ask two random questions from the following:

  • Customer’s Middle Name or Customer’s DOB
  • Correspondence address and postcode
  • Loan amount within £5k or balance within £5k
  • Current account number and Sort code

We would also like to highlight that we have spare capacity within our underwriting teams. This means that provided cases are fully packaged with all required documentation, and there’s no delayed access to the property for the Valuer, then we have a high degree of confidence in being able to issue the Offer of Loan prior to 30th June.   Our fully packaged application time to offer is circa 2 days.

You’ll be aware that we will also take search indemnity insurance which puts us ahead of many lenders in the market and makes hitting the deadline more likely. 

We will also instruct your valuation on day 1 for cases under £500K.  For cases above this amount, the instruction will happen after we have underwritten the case which is currently 2 days given our present underwriting service standards.

We can also support customers who have been delayed with their house purchase to help them take advantage of the stamp duty holiday extension.  You can apply for an existing mortgage offer to be extended on behalf of the customer:

  • For up to 3 months. where a customer is one month from expiry of their current mortgage offer
  • For up to 6 months, in 3 month increments, for New Build properties

To help make sure that your customers are ready to complete on their house purchase, we have created a top tips guide, which you can download from our website to share with your customers.