Landbay launches instant DIP system

Landbay has launched a new application process, including an instant decision in principle, and refreshed its product range.

Landbay says its new DIP takes two minutes and uses “intuitive technology”.

The lender’s application process is now completely paperless and can be completed in nine steps. Landbay says the process was designed to be better, faster and more intuitive.

Landbay used broker focus groups to test the system and recommend changes. The brokers also decided the order and flow that they thought the application process should go through. Landbay says this will make brokers’ lives easier and “dramatically speed up” the application process.

Landbay is also refreshing its product range, which it says remains “highly competitive”.

Landbay will continue to lend up to 75 per cent LTV and up to £1m to individuals and limited companies. It will lend across the whole range of mainstream and specialist cases including HMOs, SPV, MUFBs and other complex buy-to-let.

Landbay managing director of intermediaries Paul Brett says: “We have spent many months designing and building our decision in principle and application process to be what we believe to be the best and most streamlined in the buy-to-let market. Brokers are the lifeblood of our business and so they were instrumental in the design of this, in order that we could deliver what they want in the way that they most need it.

“Our product range revamp is necessary to cope with ongoing market conditions and ensure that Landbay continues to be strong and steady in these challenging times. We believe in a hands-on approach to achieve the most appropriate outcome both for the broker and their client. Our aim is always to be the first port of call for specialist buy-to-let cases.”