Introducing The Lifetime Mortgage Ultra from Hodge Lifetime Available from 2nd October 2017

Look no further, with 9 year early repayment charges, a competitive rate of 5.89% and the optional ability to repay up to 10% per annum from day 1, the new Lifetime Mortgage Ultra is available from 2nd October.

With even greater LTV's on offer, the Ultra is an addition to the popular Lifetime Plus and Max products.

£1,000,000 loans, £2,000,000 maximum property value  now available across both Lifetime and Indexed range 

More good news, as well as launching the Ultra we will now offer loans of up to £1,000,000  as well as maximum property values of £2,000,000 on all products across both the lifetime range and indexed range, allowing even more flexibility for your later life customers. 

Download our table for full details of LTV's available across the entire Hodge range