Coventry for intermediaries expands their Remortgage, Product Transfer and Further Advance range

Coventry for intermediaries has announced that they’re expanding their Residential mortgage range with a focus on remortgages, product transfers and further advances. To help support residential clients their new range will include 2, 3 and 5 Year Fixed deals and will also be available up to 75% LTV.  The new range will come into effect on Thursday 29 October.

All products include a standard valuation up to £670 and their Remortgage Transfer Service is included on products available for remortgage.

Highlights of their competitive range include:

  • 1.39% 5 Year Fixed to 31.12.25 with ERCs until 31.12.25. 50% LTV, £999 product fee, RMTS included. (Available for remortgage, product transfer and further advances)
  • 1.99% 2 Year Flexx Fixed to 31.12.22 with no ERCs. 75% LTV, £499 fee, RMTS included. (Available for remortgage product transfer and further advances)

To see the full product range, visit