An interview with Makayla Everitt and Accord Mortgages

The latest Accord Mortgages Growth Series podcast, featuring SimplyBiz Mortgages ’s Head of Business Development, Makayla Everitt, is now available to download here.

This is the latest in the ‘Adapting to our changing world’ podcast collection from the Growth Series, which features industry figures discussing how they have adapted to lockdown. In her conversation with Accord Corporate Account Manager Nadine Edwards, Makayla gives an overview of how SimplyBiz Mortgages is using technology to continue to serve their members through online meetings, calls and events, and how this technology will continue to support their members in a post-lockdown world. She also emphasises that mortgage brokers should be using technology to support their client base during these testing times and mentions how quality training is key to using technology effectively.

The Accord Growth Series has a wealth of information which can help in the current climate, including free to download guides on improving your website, using social media effectively as well as guides on selling protection and supporting your client’s financial wellbeing. There’s also new content specifically for the lockdown which addresses better ways to work remotely including ‘The broker’s guide to effective communication tools’.