Amateur Landlords – Virgin says absolutely

Virgin Money is not just there for the pros with portfolios. They’re at home helping those newbies dipping their toes in buy-to-let too.

That’s why:

  • Your landlords can use their personal income to top up rental shortfalls, helping with affordability.
  • They offer straight balance swaps on buy-to-let remortgages with no additional borrowing at a lower rental cover ratio of 125% at 5.50%.
  • They treat ‘let to buy’ as a straightforward buy-to-let remortgage, and our standard products are available.
  • They’re happy to consider first time landlords.*
  • They’ll accept gifted deposits from family members.

Take a look at their short video for all the reasons to use them for your buy-to-let business. 
To find out more, talk to your dedicated Business Development Manager or contact your Regional Service Team.