Aldermore announces compliance with the new Buy-to-Let underwriting standards

All Buy-to-Let DIPs and subsequent applications are now subject to our processes under the new Buy-to-Let underwriting standards.

Here's a summary of the changes we've made:

Updated Buy-to-Let Affordability Calculator – Aldermore’s online calculator can now be used to assess the affordability of the application property as well as the client's portfolio as a whole. Personal income can also be assessed for up to 3 applicants 

Updated secure online portals - Due to the additional information needed for portfolio landlord applications Aldermore have added new fields to their online portals

Document templates - To be filled in by your portfolio landlord clients as required for Aldermore’s assessments. Aldermore recommend using their templates as it will ensure that using their calculator and online portal is as simple as possible (they will also accept other formats which contain the information needed)

New Buy-to-Let Mortgages Full Lending Criteria – Now available

Remember, Aldermore’s PRA Packaging Guide and Buy-to-Let Definitions documents give you some extra information and you can always access all their current buy-to-Let documents, (including their portfolio landlord document templates) by clicking here.